Some Insider Tips For Your Garage Flooring

Your garage is one place that always has to withstand tough use, so your garage flooring should never be overlooked. Besides housing your car, it is also the place where you would rather stash extra belongings like repair tools and paints. However, this should not mean that you should just leave it looking boring and outdated. It makes part of your entire home, meaning that you should give it as much attention you give the rest of your house.

Handling your garage floor should be the first step. This way, it will be easier matching the rest of your décor.

Things to consider before flooring your garage

Before settling for any particular flooring option, first consider the following factors:

  • Durability: Finding the best flooring can be costly and time-consuming. You, therefore, want to install a floor that will last for many years at least. Therefore, choose a coating that can withstand heavy weights as well as any other hard use.
  • Protection: The floor coating you choose should be able to protect your garage against future damage from chemical spills, moisture and oil leaks.
  • Appearance: Do not go for a boring or dull look. Your flooring option should brighten your garage space and give it an improved modern look.
  • Maintenance: The flooring option you go for should be easy to clean and maintain.

Top garage flooring options to consider

With the above explained factors in mind, below three of the best flooring choices to go for:


Epoxy is often confused with paint yet the two are very different. Actually, epoxy is a thermosetting resin applied to floors as a coating. It is composed of polyamine hardener and epoxide resin. The latter acts as a catalyst and is what gives epoxy its strength.

Epoxy creates a thick and hardened coating that will not only last longer but also make your garage floor resilient to chipping, impacts or stains.  Secondly, epoxy will hide cracks and other surface imperfections. Since it is a topical sealer, it will naturally resist moisture, making it easy for those residing in snowy climates to clean road salts and icy brines. Moreover, epoxy is light reflective meaning it will brighten up your garage depending on the type of finish you go for.

Vinyl tiles

Another garage flooring option is the vinyl composite tiles. These are made by combining vinyl colored chips with a filler of limestone heated and pressed into sheets. Once the tiles are properly glued to your garage floor, they will resist destructive liquids and chemicals such. They are also very durable and cleaning the floor will be fairly easy.

After installation, vinyl tiles are coated with several layers of wax which help to protect the floor from deicing fluids and road salts. The glossy finish will also allow for a brighter look.

grid loc tiles

Grid-loc tiles

Grid-loc garage tiles are hard plastic tiles designed to withstand the hard storage tasks. They are extremely tough and can counter wear and tear for many years. They come in numerous different colors and a variety of patterns. Moreover, maintaining a grid-loc tiled floor is pretty easy as cleaning will not hectic. Also with this type of flooring, you do not have to hire an installation expert because you can easily do it yourself.

Make a wise decision

Keep in mind that re-furnishing your garage will not only improve your home’s look but also increase its worth. The garage floor, in particular, must be kept in top shape at all times. Fortunately, there are numerous quality garage flooring options to choose from.